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The Realistic Trader


 Learn, Trade, Socialise, Grow

What is the Realistic Trader?

We are a profitable community of hundreds of positive like-minded individuals who Learn, Trade, Socialise and Grow! We focus primarily on teaching our students how to trade the Currency markets properly and then when you become a consistently profitable Trader, we will fund your account on a Profit Share system. That way you won’t need to worry about finding lots of money for your account. We will simply scale it for you! We also have a side interest of Investing in Cryptos for the long term along with personal development.

With our Founder Siam Kidd texting out all his moves in real time, he’s delivered multiple millions in accumulative profitable trades to the community since 2013.

What is the Realistic Trader?

We are a profitable community of hundreds of positive like-minded individuals who Learn, Trade, Socialise and Grow! We focus on 3 things: Trading the FX markets properly, Investing in Cryptos safely and personal development. With our Founder Siam Kidd texting out all his moves in real time, he’s delivered multiple millions in accumulative profitable trades to the community since 2013.

Why Learn To Trade & Invest?

It’s the ultimate financial life-skill to develop in order to attain and remain affluent.

If your goal is to attain Financial Independence or even Financial Freedom, then you absolutely have to avoid doing and thinking in the same way as the masses. If you follow mainstream thinking and advice, then you’ll stay part of the 99% of the population who are not Financially Independent.

Therefore, it’s imperative you learn some essential financial life-skills; Trading and Investing. A skill that the general population avoid and do not possess. As a result of this lack of understanding, they fear it.

Dispelling a Trading Myth…


Trading and Investing is NOT all about Lambos, private jets and Trading from a beach in Paradise! This is unethical marketing nonsense. Real traders don’t do that. It’s all about learning the markets properly and consistently profiting from it as and when opportunities arise in a calm and calculated manner.

You’ll eventually become a master of managing risk and it will fundamentally improve every other aspect of your life.

Meet Siam Kidd

The Realistic Trader

Who is Siam Kidd? He’s a full time Investor/Trader, owns 7 profitable businesses and learned how to trade simply through hard trial and error. He says, “I was probably the worst trader on the planet for the first 6 years, losing money constantly, before things became consistent. People don’t need to go through the same crap I did…”

Meet Siam Kidd

The Realistic Trader

Who is Siam Kidd? He’s a full time Investor/Trader, owns 7 profitable businesses and learned how to trade simply through hard trial and error. He says, “I was probably the worst trader on the planet for the first 6 years, losing money constantly, before things became consistent. People don’t need to go through the same crap I did…”

What do people really think about us?

We know our students love what we do because they tell us…

What do people really think about us?

We know our students love what we do because they tell us…

“First let me say Hats off to Siam Kidd, for a course well presented in a style that I just love; laid back but informative and to the point. Well worth the money and a lot more.
Wouldn’t have a moments hesitation at recommeding this course to anyone.”

Michael Campbell

“Fantastic content and the ongoing support is off the charts. If an individual wants to improve themselves and their lives, this is the only place to be. Thanks a million Siam and Team.”

Stephen Obe

“This man will change your life! If you are interested in adding another income stream, gaining a better understanding of how the financial world really works and learning a life skill then Siam is your man. A genuinely nice guy with a big heart who is extremely passionate about educating people in how to set yourself up for future financial success. Siam’s knowledge on the financial system is vast and he uses that to teach in a hugely accessible way. Honestly, just take a look at one of his videos and listen to him speak, it will tell you all you need to know.”

Simon Jeffries


“Totally recommend this course! Siam teaches the world of cryptos clearly and calmly and makes it easy to grasp the basics to get started.”

Abigail Simon

“A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!!! Siam never fails!! He is so knowledgable and so great at explaining what he knows!! The world of crypto was so obscure before but thanks to Siam so clear now. I have not invested yet but I am very please to have Siam guidance for when I do. Thank you!!”

Sonia Pasini

“Siam is 100% genuine and provides an outstanding, professional service. He and his team are truly passion about the education they provide and it shines through all they do. I am recommending The Realistic trader to everyone I know.”

Mark Hitchings


“Would definitely recommend the course. Siam is an inspirational teacher, highly motivated and attentive. The course is interesting, exciting and leaves you feeling positive about how you can realistically make changes to your financial future…”

Georgie Rodwell

Norfolk Cordial

“As a qualified accountant, I figured that I would ‘just know’ most of it as it’s ‘all numbers’. I was happy to be wrong! Siam’s informal yet professional approach was fantastic and enabled me to work at my own speed without feeling intimidated by the ‘faster students’. I would 100% recommend The Realistic Trader for your trading and investing training.“

Sophie Lockhart


“Siam makes sense of the financial world – and the opportunities that it presents. I thoroughly recommend doing one of his courses – it will change your worldview.”

Rob Thacker


“Siam’s knowledge is just astounding. He puts the information across in such an easy to understand language and never makes you feel stupid or intimidated. You feel very comfortable asking -dumb’ questions and nothing is a problem or too much effort for Siam. Top class bloke and event.”

John Triplis

Lasting Impressions Painting and Decorating

“A no BS introduction to every aspect of buying and storing cryptos. The videos take you step by step through the full process in a very simple to understand way with no technical jargon.

Given the rapidly changing landscape of the crypto world, the course is regularly updated along with the private Facebook group ensuring you are updated with the latest going on.

Probably the best money I have spent as it’s saved me a fortune by keeping me away from the many pitfalls out there in the crypto world.”

Gareth Brown

“I started the online course couple of weeks ago and I’m absolutely happy all kind of support I have from Siam and the team. Highly recommend!”

Gabor Balthazar


“Great to be able to pick Siam’s brains on the world of crypto-currencies. Siam passes on an interesting perspective and a depth of background knowledge that means you don’t just learn what to do, you learn why too. It’s a strong “buy” recommendation from me.”

Jake Liddell

“Excellent. Huge knowledge base presented in a simple fashion. I would highly recommend the course and Siam to my peers.”

Rich Williams

Righteous Aviation

“This guy really knows his stuff. He explains in a simple, down to earth manner, not only what to do, but also why, and what might happen if you don’t. Great guy taught me his business at my level. Highly recommended.“

Julie Birch

“Highly recommended! I came knowing nothing and I’m leaving with some really useful knowledge and practical tools I can start using immediately.”

Adam Butler

Easy Online Recruitment

“Well presented, clear to understand, easy to follow. Siam was happy to answer questions and I would recommend this course!”

Surinder Lurie

“I would certainly recommend Siam and his course to Friends and Family etc. This is the real deal and I’m excited to get going and making a better future for myself and my family.”

Chris Ashmore

Director, Norfolk Home Buyers

“I spent 6 months looking for a course to suit my needs. That it would be presented in a way I could undterstand. The course delivered excactly what I wanted in terms of knowledge and skill as well as confidence. Siam is an honest and open teacher. I’ve no hesitation in recommending this!“

Virgil Bhaloo

“I have know Siam for some time and you couldn’t find a more honest and ethical guy! A true giver in every sense of the word, and honestly wants and tries to help as many people as possible to move forward in the world.”

Justin Fordham


“The way Siam Delivers the course, anyone can understand trading. Overall content excellent! Thank you.”

Ray & Marie Bobbin

“Was not sure about it to begin with having seen many “get rich quick schemes” but this is NOT one of them! Superb.”

John Graham

Director, Raeburn Motors

“Really enjoyed the course and it is very informative. Siam is an excellent teacher. I have done the course and I am keen to progress!”

David Aczel

“Siam Kidd has completely changed how and what I think about money and finances. He has opened my eyes to unlimited possibilities. By doing Siam’s Online Course I have learned and am still learning a wealth of knowledge!”

Karl Eglington


“I’ve pretty much finished the course now, although I do keep watching the videos again to get every last nugget out. It’s a brilliant course. As a complete beginner it explained all about the crypto world and what to do and what’s happening. The group is brilliant support for those moments of huh? And for on going news. If you’re at all interested, just do the course. The learnings are beyond what you pay. Really brilliant. Thank you Siam.”

Andrea Detchon

“This course is fantastic. It has really opened my eyes and changed the way I look at the world. Siam explains is laymans terms how the world economy works. If you’re considering getting into cryptos I would definitely recommend this course. Really good value!
Thanks Siam.”

Lee Bradley

“One of the best things I’ve ever done! I came away from this course enlightened and empowered! This style of knowledge based teaching and patience needs to be rolled out across the country! Once you’ve finished the course you are not alone either, the FB community support is an incredible and safe environment where there are no such thing as stupid questions. Investing in this course is like buying a lottery ticket and being given the numbers at the same time, it’s not a case of if but when!”

Prasanna Ramachandran

“I have known Siam for some time now and he is a no bull kind of guy. Tells it as it is and passionate about it! Hence the “realistic trader”. Loves his investing and has an unquestionable thirst for learning his trade. Love the guy and love the group and community he is building.”

Justin Fordham

“The Realistic traders course was an eye opener and brilliantly tutored by Siam Kidd, he is enthusiastic, honest and exceptionally knowledgeable and respected on this subject, I would encourage anybody to partake in it, even if their are not interested in trading as it teachers you the fundamental economics of a successful life, l only wish I would have done it earlier, he makes a seemingly complicated subject very easy to understand , also their provide wonderful ongoing support through numerous events. I cannot praise them enough, thank you very much for teaching me a new and very valuable skill. Best regards Rob.”



“Wow, Siam is just a breath of fresh air… I’ve been in this industry (trading not crypto) for a long time and it is truly hard to find genuine, open, no-BS traders. Siam gives us all hope 😃 P.s. Course is just a no brainer – perfect way to strat your journey in to cryto wolrd that is consuming us all….”

Ivo Luhse

“Siam is amazing. His knowledge reliable and trustworthy coming from experience. I have done the majority of his crypto course I am just finishing it and highly recommend doing this to fully understand this opportunity and how you can benefit from this in a sensible well informed way. His community is great and customer service and support excellent.”

Katie Ekanayake

“Without a doubt, Siam is the leader in this industry with detailed, clear and relevant content that is 100% ready for implementation. I will be recommending all of my family and business colleagues to take this course! This should be taught at school!”

Richard Dwyer

Stuntman, Director of Flair Gymnastics

“Siam’s course is brilliant! Anyone wanting to empower themselves in uncertain financial times and find out how to take control of their financial future should definitely do this course!”

Alex Ward

Marketing Director

“Really good methodical course. Open to all!”

Martine Watker

“Great and a must have life skill. Everyone should do it!”

Ricardo Santos

Digital Architect

“Siam is very knowledgable and gave me so much to think about. I can’t wait to see the results! Thanks for everything.“

Richard Sanderson

Director, LFA Machines LTD

“A fantastic course, educational, practical nd motivational. Siam’s desire to improve peoples lives by teaching this skill gives it a great grounding/base.”

Sara Sherriff

Fine Art Broker

“Hey Siam. Just a message to give a quick thank you. My crypto portfolio is up over 60% in the past 5 weeks which is more than any of my accounts have made in, well, ever! Really glad I took the course, you did a great job and I have recommended to a number of close friends. Cheers, Craig.”

Craig Usher


“I would never have had the confidence to invest in Cryptosporidium without Siam’s course. It explained things in a simple non tech way and gave a simple formula for crypto investment”

Libby Andrews

“This was genuinely one of the most useful and interesting courses I have seen. I consider myself a novice when it comes to trading and investing of any kind, but completing this course gave me the confidence to dive into the world of Crypto Currencies. The content is well delivered and easy to understand. The course is also broken down into sections making it easy to revisit if there are any aspects that you struggle with. Would highly recommend. Thanks Siam.”

Kieran Whitehead

“Brilliant! Fantastic value for money. Really simple to follow and understand. Great course and highly recommended. Thank you Siam.”

Deepak Songra

“Very inspirational person with so much useful and insightful information. Lovely environment for the course and great to engage with like minded intersting people. Very informative yet still so much more to learn! It’s just the beginning!“

Alex Collier


“Looking forward to applying the theoretical and practical aspects over the following months…”

Martin Barnes


“What I liked about the course was the jargon free way Siam presents. It made it easy to understand and absorb.”

Ian Smith

“Having avoided any trading courses in the past due to a perception that entry into this new skill for life would be far too complex to master. I was astounded at how straight forward and understandable Siam has explained everything. You must go on this course.”

Tim Jenkins

Seiko Watches

“Fantastic! Highly recommend Siam Kidd and all the content from the Realistic Trader. The skills I’ve learnt from the courses have transformed my life. Keep up the great work!”

Lee Johnson


“This course teaches you a step by step method of taking onwership of your savings and growing them. Very liberating. Definitely worth it!“

Lorena Knapic

“Superb course. Recommend highly!!!“

Gavin Jones

“Learn a new life skill you don’t need any experience or knowledge.”

Nick Ayers

Nuclear Plant Engineer

“Great course and excellent on-going support/ community. Siam and the team are constantly adding value, and I’m very pleased to have found them!”

Ben Fells


“The course is amazing, potentially life changing. The facilitators are really genuine & lovely people. I can’t recommend it enough!”

Shelley Hoban

“I’m so thankful for this company. I just started working with them but Im hoping its gonna be a very long business relationship. “

Peter Bonyai


“Really brilliant content, educational and life changing. Well done Siam!”

Guy Green

“I’m three quarters of my way through the course and I’m astounded by how much information Siam has crammed into this course but it is presented in bite-sized chunks so, although there is a lot to digest and understand, I’ve never felt overwhelmed. The investment is a no-brainer in view of what can be achieved. Thanks Siam firstly for getting me started with my trading career and now this cryptocurrency course which I would thoroughly recommend!”

Graham Cann

“Awesome stuff! I have spent the last couple of weeks getting my head round this and boy am i benefiting now! its a great course that my investments have paid for 20x over in as little as 12days.
With a great bunch of people in the group all helping each other i cant wait to see what unfolds in the near future!”

Mal Davies

The Realistic Trader

Learn, Trade, Socialise, Grow


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