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Dedicated Facebook Group

2 months access to our Beginner Facebook group where other like-minded people are starting their journeys. We also hold 2 live market update/training sessions per week.

Access to Trading Experts

Siam Kidd and our Trading mentors are here to hand-hold everyone through their learning journey and answer ALL questions, no matter how basic you feel they may be.

Industry Leading CPD Accredited Training Videos

Over 20 hours of videos by pro Trader/Investor Siam Kidd, who will explain everything you need to know to start Trading safely and competently on your own! Everything is in simple English and minimal fancy jargon!

This really is a negligible risk way to LEARN about Trading!

Trading is daunting! We get it! There’s all sort of fancy lingo and countless horror stories! But it doesn’t need to be like this. Most of these horror stories happen to people that try to teach themselves on Google. But what they don’t know is that the ‘Market Big Boys’ use these common techniques that people teach themselves to actually extract money from the masses.

So jump onto this totally free 2 month trial to learn to Trade the right way in a totally risk-free environment. There’s no such thing as a silly question and you can even practice on a ‘Dummy account’ where you trade the live markets, but with fake money.

Test Drive Course Curriculum


- The Typical Trading Journey
- The Why, What, Where and How?
- The Who... Who is Trading Suitable For?

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! - Let's get you set up with some things...

- Just a quick overview of the 2 main tools you have access to now…
- Opening your LIVE Trading Account.
- What to expect from this 12 month programme.
- Making best use of all the resources you now have access to.
- Required hardware.

The Eager Beaver Module!

- A Note To The Eager Beavers!
- Financial Spreadbetting and the Basics of Monitoring a Trade
- Basics on Candlesticks
- The HALO Strategy
- Examples of good and bad HALO set ups!
- Different Types of Trading Accounts
- Choosing Your Bot Parameters!
- RT Trading Bot Tutorial
- Examples of Good and Bad HALO alerts from the Bot…
- Everything you need to know about your Trading software from setting it up to MANUALLY trading on it.
- Now to do this properly!

LEVEL 1: MECHANICS - BIG picture stuff and how stuff actually works!

- The EntrepreneurSHIPS – Part 1
- The EntrepreneurSHIPS – Part 2
- The EntrepreneurSHIPS – Part 3
- A Quick Overview of the Main Asset Types out there.
- Your Financial Parthenon.
- Money vs Currency vs Fiat Currency vs Gold.
- Exponential Growth and BIG numbers.
- The Power Of Compounding Interest.
- The Currency Supply.
- The Global Financial System Ponzi Scheme
- The Crisis Of Credit.
- The Inflation and Savings Myth.
- How The Economic Machine Works.
- Monetary vs Price Inflation/Deflation
- The 11 Reasons Why You Can Do Better Than A Fund Manager.
- Wealth Generation Rant!
- 3rd Industrial Revolution
- Everything you need to know about Gold and Silver in a nutshell…
- Everything you need to know about Crypto Investing in a nutshell…
- My Cryptonian Portfolio – Which Cryptos I have and a general forward plan…
- Why I’m expecting at least $100k Bitcoin, $20k Ether & $5 Cardano between 2021-2023. NOT Clickbait!
- Renting vs Buying Part 1
- Renting vs Buying Part 2
- Position Sizing, How Much To Put In Your New Bot Trading Account & Me Lifting Up My Skirt!

LEVEL 2: MARKETS - What can you actually trade and invest in?

- Getting to know the FX Market.
- The 3 Main Types of Market Analysis.
- Financial Spreadbetting and the Basics of Monitoring a Trade.
- Getting Familiar with Time-frames.
- Basics on Candlesticks.
- Basics on Indicators.
- The 6 Types of Market Condition.
- The Different Styles of Trading and their Pros and Cons.
- Day Trading
- Why you really do need to stay clear of Day Trading & Scalping.
- Swing Trading
- Counter-trend Trading
- Trend Following
- Types of Broker and the 4 Ugly Truths of Trading.

LEVEL 3: METHODS (Part 1) - Starting to learn how to trade things now...

- Everything you need to know about your Trading software from setting it up to trading on it.
- Do Our Trades Get Placed On The Live Markets?
- Understanding the difference between Usable Margin and Usable Maintenance Margin…
- Insist on using a Mac?!?
- Mobile Phone App Tutorial and Trade Monitoring
- FXCM Reports and the RT Pip Calculator.
- Examples of S&R and Round Numbers.
- What is Price Action?
- Understanding the Typical Market Punters.
- How the Banks trade.
- How To Trade Chart Patterns Properly. Part 1.
- How To Trade Chart Patterns Properly. Part 2.
- Patterns & Probabilities Webinar – Feb 2019
- Play Your Charts Right!
- Full Market Support & Resistance Analysis and Bot Q&A

LEVEL 4: METHODS (Part 2) - Getting into more detail with the execution of Trading now...

- R Multiples
- The Folly of Betting Big.
- Risk of Ruin and Monte Carlo Projections.
- Nailing Position Sizing.
- Understanding Your Personal Accuracy Percentage.
- Correlated Pairs and the RT Symbol Balancer.
- The 16 Key Stats Every Trader MUST Know.
- Setting Up Your Trading Log
- Updating The Trading Log with your Bot Trades
- Expectancy: You need to know this!
- Little Tweaks, Massive Gains…
- Basics of Trailing a Trending Market using Round Numbers.
- My 2 Favourite Trading Stats: AAE and AFE!
- The Normal & Low Ball Entry Method – The BEST way to enter the market!
- The HALO Strategy (One of my favourites).
- 20 Examples of the HALO
- Live Trading Coaching Call (04 Dec 20)
- Where is the value in the Realistic Trader Community – Valid Question from the FB Trial group…
- You’ve Completed The Trading Test Drive! Now what?!

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