Are you planning on learning how to trade? Perhaps you'd like to play with Crypto or Stocks or Currencies?

Want to learn from a no-BS seasoned 16+ year Trader that:

💰 Has consistently forecasted + profited from dozens of major economic moves over the last decade.

 ⭐ Has a great NON-spammy/salesy reputation in the UK Trading industry.

🤯 Publicly shares all his big losing trades (on Instagram) but never any winning trades?

Live sessions with Siam from 12 till 2pm (27-29 Sept 21).



The LIVE 3 Day Trading Test Drive!

Learn to competently trade Siam's most used Trading strategy in just 3 DAYS...

*Only for those that are serious about learning+implementing! This is NOT a 'shelf-development' experience!*

3 Live Sessions over 3 days. ZERO Padding...

These 2 hour live online Zoom sessions will cover:


The Typical Trading Journey

And how it's very similar to setting up a business and all of the pitfalls everyone falls into & how to avoid them! Avoiding these will save you years!


Why It's a Life Skill...

Trading & Investing is not just about making money. It's way more than that. It's about understanding world economics so you're not scared of it and how to profit from Bank shenanigans!



Here you'll learn the absolute minimum you need to actually trade profitable and safely. This includes getting to grips and using the recommended free trading software.


Risk Management !!!!!!

This is why everyone loses money on the markets. They think they understand risk, but they really don't. This is how you deploy/harness risk properly, on the markets and in life...


REALISTIC Expectations...

Siam is known as The Realistic Trader for a very good reason! In fact he turns away 10 times more people to Trading than he ends up teaching. Simply because Trading is not for most people. 


Creating + Executing a proper Trading Plan

And more importantly, how to execute it competently! Understanding Trading stats and probabilities is pivotal here, but it's not as scary as you might think.


Personal Physical Practice

You will actually be practising Siam's famous HALO strategy yourself on the Simulation software and also walking forward in real time with a Dummy Account.


Crypto Investing Crash Course!

The future of currencies and even the Stock Market is Crypto. Everything you know will be 'cryptofied' over the next decade, so here is how to safely invest in it.


Knowledge Check & Personal Tailoring

We won't just leave you clueless at the end of the Test Drive. Siam will lay out a realistic plan of how to progress your Trading & how to fit Trading into your life; not the other way round!

After the 3 Live Sessions, you will then book a slot to have a 'Knowledge Check & Personal Tailoring' Zoom call with Siam. There will be 3-5 others in this tiny group session and a perfect chance to ask any last questions!

You'll also be able to download and have various Trading cheat-sheets & Trading Plan template.

Check out what previous Trading Students have said about this and Siam...

Your Caring Coach - Siam Kidd

Siam is an ex RAF Pilot now full time investor.

Siam is a keen teacher of the Wealth Generation Journey. A concept he created that highlights the optimum and most time efficient route to lasting wealth. This includes Trading, but not just Trading. Empirical data shows us that you need to symbiotically embrace the world of Business WITH Trading/Investing. Business for quick fast cashflow and Trading/Investing to then amplify that capital. As such, Siam runs a Private Equity firm that currently owns/runs 8 different companies.

Siam's Trading/Investing Track Record

2010: Forecasted QE 1, 2 and 3. Went long on Indices.

2012: Forecasted + Profited from the Apple stock crash.

2014: Profited from the Bitcoin crash.

2015: Made 30% in 1 day from the Swiss Franc/Euro unpeg.

2015: Made £426k in several hours during the Black Monday crash. PROOF.

2015: Made 61.29% ROI in the FCA regulated fund he was trading. PROOF.

2017: Publicly traded a $25k crypto account up to $1.1m in just 4 months. But got out late in 2018 and ended up with just $350k. Doh!

2018: Grew his crypto account by over 300% despite the Crypto market experiencing a 90% crash.

2018: Called and profited from the Boxing Day rally, the biggest 1 day movement of the S&P500 in history at the time.

2020: Publicly traded an £88 500 account to £200k in 5 months. PROOF.

2021: So far, grown a £95k Crypto account to over £650k before taking profit.

Enrol Onto The Next Trading Test Drive which runs from:

Monday 27th September at 1200 to Wednesday 29th September 2021

Sign up ends in:


The £50 is simply a filter to ensure that only serious people enrol who will turn up on time, learn & implement! If you attend every live session, you'll get your £50 back...


Trading is NOT for everyone. In fact it's something most people should avoid. Trading also isn't a good cash-flowing income source to begin with. So only get into this if you understand that it's a life-skill that really takes 3-7 years to get really good at. Just like any other complex skill-set.

We are only able to post to UK addresses. If you are not based in the UK, please email us and we will be happy to send you a digital copy!
Price: £ 50.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the timings for this Trading Test Drive?

Session 1 is from 1200-1400 UK time on Monday 27th September. Session 2 is from 1200-1400 on Tuesday 28th September. Session 3 is from 1200-1400 on Wednesday 29th September.

How long will I have access to the FB Group and recordings?

Because Siam is pedantic about implementation and properly committing to anything you do, the FB group and videos will only be up for about a week. Full Realistic Trader students have access to a far more structured and detailed Trading programme.

What if I can't attend a live session?

No worries, each session will be recorded and posted in the private FB group that you'll have access to. It's a great place to ask any questions and get quick answers.

What equipment will I need?

Nothing fancy. At the minimum, a Windows laptop. Unfortunately for Apple users, the whole world of Trading is incompatible with Apple products due to it's closed loop architecture.

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