…and I can’t wait!

The last few months have been pretty busy. I’ve significantly altered both of my businesses (for the better), got married and now back from my honeymoon I’m commencing my first and last round of fund raising for my Realistic Trader business. Despite being in the investment/trading world for a while now, raising money for a business is something I’ve never done and it’s really quite interesting to see how potential investors/lenders view a business to see whether your biz is worthy or not. The difference in mentality/methods between these business investors/lenders compared to the general public (investing in the Stock Market) is vast. When it comes to buying stocks, people generally spend next to no time researching how, when, why or what they’re investing in. They just see a stock (maybe a household name), think it’s a big company and that it’s likely to continue growing and then just blindly invest in it. Or even worse, find a bio tech or oil & gas penny stock and chuck in their life savings hoping for that big lottery style win. Honestly, people probably spend more time researching their next car on Auto Trader than they do in their stock or investment selection.

Whereas what I’ve found with business investors, it’s the complete opposite. They want to know every single detail about yourself and your company before they even consider reaching for their wallet. As you may have guessed, this is the correct way to invest. Only after you’ve scrutinised over every variable.

Now the reason why I’m seeking finance for is simply due to the title of this article. There have been a number of successful forecasts I’ve given over the years from various Gold & Silver price moves and the Apple Crash etc, but I have never been more sure of this next forecast. Obviously no one has a crystal ball so one can’t be 100% positive about the future, but for the first time ever, every single indicator/gauge of the world economies/markets that I monitor are all pointing to a disastrous calamity which I’m sure will make 2008 a blip on the timeline. However I see this happening in 2 stages. The first stage will be a large global Stock Market crash on the scale of 2001/2008. The second part will be the death or revaluation of the US Dollar. This is something that can only happen as global debt levels are becoming ferociously toxic and even the UK is struggling to keep up with its INTEREST REPAYMENTS of £1 BILLION per WEEK. However it’s the first step which I’m expecting to happen within 3 years, (2016 probably being the sweet spot), but the dominos are set to go now, so a late Summer/early Autumn correction this year wouldn’t surprise me at all. [In fact, 3 weeks ago I called a top of the FTSE at 6905 and as I write this, it’s plummeting through 6720. My students are making some nice profits!] Regarding the Dollar’s demise, I’m not too sure. I’m confident that this will happen within 10 years, but it would be hard to pinpoint. But what I do know is that the world is in full flow of ditching the Dollar for international trade. I’ll have to write about this topic in depth another time, but Brazil, Russia, India, China, Venezuela, Japan, South Africa, Iran and some other smaller nations have already dropped or are dropping the US Dollar for oil transactions…this is huge news.

So the reason I’m raising funds is simply to scale the business as I need to get my message to as many people as people as possible. And for those that are serious about protecting their family and finances, I will be able to teach them how to trade the markets so that they can actually PROFIT from what’s about to happen.

So what’s likely to happen then?! How is it going to play out?

The Stock Markets around the world are extremely fragile. Despite being near all-time highs, these are false and manipulated highs. This is evident in a number of different charts, but in a nutshell, Stock Market volume is decreasing at a rapid rate, yet the markets are still climbing. This is the biggest smoking gun which indicates that the ‘Big Money’ is exiting the market. As the ‘Big Money’ has literally hundreds of billions invested in the market, it can’t pull it out like we do at a cash point as the market would implode and they’d lose huge profits. So they have to carefully extract it like you would do playing Jenga. They’re taking money off of the table, but whilst doing so, manipulating the markets upwards and as the market continues its upwards climb, hedge funds, uniformed investors and the public come rushing in to help prop it up. Classic tell-tale signs of this happening is when a number of ‘super stocks’ emerge like Tesla, Netflix and Apple etc. A huge reason for these phenomenal growths is simply because a number of hedge funds start piling into one of these stocks and then the momentum is started. Even the great investor/owner of Tesla, Elon Musk said that his stock didn’t deserve the stupidly high share price it’s got. It really is like a fairy liquid bubble, it’s just waiting for some external shock to pop it.

So personally, I’m expecting something to happen on the world scene. Geopolitical events go hand in hand with market crashes, so if I was to take a wild punt in the dark, I’d guess that we may see some sort of shock/event happening in the Syria/Iran area or the Eurozone sovereign insolvency problem rears its ugly head ahead. But whatever it may be, it won’t take much to topple the markets. And as every Stock Market on the planet has at least an 80% correlation with the US Stock Market (S&P500), they will all fall in unison. Once it gets to fever pitch, the governments and central banks around the world will carry out their text book reactions (as they have consistently done for over 2000 years now) and that is to simply print their way out of dodge. We’ll then see wide scale currency devaluations and it’s this which will end the Dollar. I also won’t be surprised to see hyperinflation in either Japan or the US.

I know that this may be quite a hard pill to swallow, but the facts are there in plain sight if you look for them. And just like the small amount of people like myself were screaming warnings from the rooftops prior to the 2008 crash, I urge you to at the very least take some notice. See the facts with your own eyes and to then make up your own informed decision of whether this will or won’t happen. That’s why I’ve created a 1 hour long video explaining these facts/reasons at:

All in all, I’m expecting between a 30-50% correction and as a trader I can’t wait because market crashes are the EASIEST time ever to make easy no/little risk profits. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve! So this is the reason of why I’m now trying to scale the trading business, so I can help as many people as possible to protect and profit from all of this. So what do you have to lose by investigating this all or even learning how to trade? In the event that I may be wrong, it doesn’t matter because you’ll have a skill for LIFE. So whether the crash happens in 1 year or 10 years, one thing is for certain, markets are cyclical and they go boom and bust all the time (every 6-8 years). At least by knowing how to trade you’ll know exactly what to do during the next cycle…