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Trading isn’t for everyone. Find out if Trading is suitable for you…

You will NOT become a pro trader after doing a Trading workshop or video course. Unfortunately, people are always searching for that magic bullet, which is one of the reasons most people fail on the markets!

Trading is no different than learning any other complicated skill. It takes serious time and effort to craft your skills and knowledge. But once you get the hang of it, being able to Trade is one of the most powerful money making skills out there.

Siam Kidd, known as the Realistic Trader, is one of the UK’s leading private Traders and has safely guided thousands of people onto the markets via his exclusive Trading Community and 12 month Programme.

Our Industry-Leading Machine Learning Trading Bot…


The bot scours all markets all day and when it spots a low-risk-high probability trade, it will send you a text.


You then choose whether to press Yes and accept the trade or press No to reject the trade.


If you press Yes, the bot will place the trade for you and manage it. That’s it. You just wait to see if it hits Take Profit or the Stop-Loss.


There’s even a full auto-trade feature. Either way, you’re no longer a slave to the charts and won’t ever miss a trade due to being at work!

A sample lesson from the course…

How about a minimum risk test-drive?

We get it. Joining our community and becoming a Trader is a daunting prospect. Especially as it’s rather dear at £4800, or £500 per month with a 12 month contract. We do this for a good reason though. If you just join the community for a month, you won’t have learned enough and digested everything. It really does take a year to become proficient.

This Test Drive will take an absolute newbie from knowing nothing, to being fully coherent and able to place trades on their own!

You’ll also be set up with a Dummy Account where you trade the real live markets but with fake money. This is absolutely essential when getting started so you can learn in a risk free environment!

If you then like it and want to join the community, you can then join us for a year. Sounds fair? Besides, we’re very confident that you’ll join a lot sooner due to the bot!

NOTE: During the Test Drive, your Trading Bot will be connected to a Demo Account. So it will still place real time trades for you, but on a demo account. The Live Account (real money) is accessed by becoming a full RT member.

Test Drive Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Family!

• What to expect from this 12 month programme. – This is your Trading learning journey road map.
• Making best use of all the resources you now have access to. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Just focus on the Levels for now.
• Required hardware. You DON’T need lots of screens!

Level 1 – Mechanics

• The EntrepreneurSHIPS – Part 1 Learning about what type of boat you are.
• The EntrepreneurSHIPS – Part 2 Capital Appreciating Assets vs Cashflowing Assets.
• The EntrepreneurSHIPS – Part 3 The Bigger Wealth Generation Picture and your A&B Numbers.
• A Quick Overview of the Main Asset Types out there. Understanding that there’s far more out there than Stocks & Property!
• Your Financial Parthenon. Why you need multiple pillars to withstand the test of time.
• Money vs Currency vs Fiat Currency vs Gold. No, they’re not the same thing! The Currency in your pockets is not what it seems…
• Exponential Growth and BIG numbers. Understanding the sheer power and ferocity of the 8th Wonder of the World.
• The Power Of Compounding Interest. This Excel file explains it all…
• The Currency Supply. Understanding it’s declining purchasing power and why you need to be savvy!
• The Global Financial System Ponzi Scheme This is very hard to believe, but unfortunately true…
• The Crisis Of Credit. How the Sub Prime Mortgage Debt Bubble actually formed and popped!
• The Unemployment and Savings Myth. How they calculate it and deceive us.
• How The Economic Machine Works. Masterclass from Ray Dalio.
• The 11 Reasons Why You Can Do Better Than A Fund Manager. 90% of Fund Managers don’t even beat the Stock Market!
• Wealth Generation Rant! This is why I’m keen on not just Trading, but also Business and much more!
• !!! QUIZ !!!

Level 2 – Markets

• Getting to know the FX Market. The biggest market on the planet by a considerable margin.
• The 3 Main Types of Market Analysis. And knowing WHEN to apply the correct type of analysis.
• Financial Spreadbetting and the Basics of Monitoring a Trade. It’s the best form of Trading and is totally Tax FREE. No CGT or Income Tax.
• Getting Familiar with Time-frames. Multi-timeframe analysis is key here.
• Basics on Candlesticks. Knowing what’s useful and useless.
• Basics on Indicators. Be wary of mainstream uses for indicators.
• The 6 Types of Market Condition. Knowing which strategy to deploy into the correct market condition is pivotal!
• The Different Styles of Trading and their Pros and Cons. These styles can also be applied to different time frames as well.
• Why you really do need to stay clear of Day Trading & Scalping. Until you’ve had a couple years of experience under your belt!
• Types of Broker and the 4 Ugly Truths of Trading. Yeah…I’m not making any friends here…
• 3rd Industrial Revolution Not exactly trading specific, but good for background knowledge for your future investments.
• !!! QUIZ !!!

Level 3 – Methods (part 1)

• Everything you need to know about your FXCM Trading Software
• Insist on using a Mac?!?
• FXCM Reports and the RT Pip Calculator.
• Examples of S&R and Round Numbers.
• What is Price Action?
• Overview of the Common Indicators and what they do.
• Understanding the Typical Market Punters. And how they often get hustled out of winning trades at breakeven.
• How the Banks trade.
• How To Trade Chart Patterns Properly. Part 1.
• How To Trade Chart Patterns Properly. Part 2.
• Patterns & Probabilities Webinar – Feb 2019
• Play Your Charts Right!
• !!! QUIZ !!!

Level 4 – Methods (part 2)

• R Multiples. Why hit rate isn’t as important as RRR.
• The Folly of Betting Big. The hard recovery to B/E.
• Risk of Ruin and Monte Carlo Projections. Mitigate the risk first and profits will be the natural by-product.
• Nailing Position Sizing. It’s so important.
• Position Sizing Game.
• Understanding Your Personal Accuracy Percentage.
• Correlated Pairs and the RT Symbol Balancer.
• The 16 Key Stats Every Trader MUST Know.
• Little Tweaks, Massive Gains! How tiny tweaks on some stats can dramatically improve your trading!
• My 2 Favourite Trading Stats: MAE and MFE!
• Basics of Trailing a Trending Market using Round Numbers.

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✔️ 2 months access to the RT Community and its perks.

✔️ 10+ hours of amazing Trading Tuition videos.

✔️ Fully refundable if you're not happy. Simples! 

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Risk Free Guarantee

Not only that, we’ll really take the risk away from you and if you’re not happy after completing every video, we will give your £99 back! This is a totally risk free endeavour for you.

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