Getting a lot of questions about the Crypto bloodbath today. In no particular order:

1.) This is just noisy tree shaking that’s simply flinging out all the weak hands. Nothing fundamental has changed.

2.) The knee jerk Chinese ban is good news for Cryptos. Regulation across the world simply shows that the establishment is taking Cryptos more seriously which will only accelerate the markets maturity.

3.) China has banned Bitcoin at least 3 times in the past. Everytime it’s dipped and then exploded in price. Even if every soul in China couldn’t play with Bitcoin, there’s still huge volume across the globe.

4.) Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan Boss) is on an anti Bitcoin campaign right now. But what he’s not telling people is that he’s patented his own crypto and as a Trader, I guarantee you that he’s buying into this sell off!

5.) No one can stop this Blockchain steam train. Banks are crapping themselves because Cryptos mean there is no reason for a Bank to exist. That’s why Dimon is slagging it off. And it’s also why Banks are pouring Billions into this in order to remain relevant and to delay the Banking industry death.

6.) The main players at the moment (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) are just the AOL, Netscape and Altavista of the Crypto world. The Google, FB and Amazon of this space haven’t been born yet. Cryptos will explode in adoption when FB, Apple or Amazon launch their own Cryptos. They will all launch them at some point and when they do, I’m going to pile into them. In particular, FB as Attention is the primary currency of the world at the moment and FB has 2 Billion active users. When they launch they will do a form of QE and gift everyone a ton of FB Coins to use and it’s the businesses that advertise on FB that will give this coin value.

7.) This is your kid in a candy shop opportunity. Fill your boots! (With Risk Capital of course…) 🙂

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