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Hi I’m Siam and I’m not making many friends in the Trading world. I’ve been exposing all the horrid secrets that this industry has, why you’re set up for failure from the start and I want to continue getting this information out there so you can level the playing field.

I’m a normal bloke just like you and got lulled into the Trading and Investment world about 13 years ago. I thought I was going to become a Trading God instantly as per the general BS hype you tend to see online.


Ha, well, it was the best and worst thing to ever happen to me. I lost £50k in my first year of trading and then continued to flutter away £2000 per month onto the markets for the next 4 years or so. Thank god I had a good job in the Air Force that helped fund my Trading losses!

Friends thought I was an idiot and a degenerate gambler. No, I didn’t have a Gambling addiction, it was much worse. It was the typical ‘Trading Addiction’ which is insidious because you continually chase that wonderful ‘millionaire lifestyle carrot’ at the end of the stick whilst destroying your bank account and you fool and comfort your ego with BS chart pattern analysis or news trading techniques.


Well, everything lol! Literally every rookie error you could make, I was doing, MULTIPLE times. And like an obsessed idiot, I was being stubborn and not learning from the market lessons being thrown at me. So yes, I lost a fortune and it took me a good 6 years of embarrassment, egg-on-face, yoyo equity curves and heartache before Mother Market finally looked favourably upon me. Giving up and being a persistent dog was probably the best trade I ever took.

Fast forward to now, I can proudly brag (I feel I’ve earned the right to now) that since 2012, Trading has been one of the best life skills ever. I trade my own money successfully, I’ve traded other peoples’ money in a Fund successfully ending up 60.33% up in the first 11 months with minimal risk, shared the stage as a Key Note speaker with Gary Vee and some Trading legends and was also interviewed on Chat With Traders, the best trading podcast out there. I made over £420k in 30 minutes during the Black Monday crash (30% ROI that day), I made 15% ROI on the day the Swiss unpegged from the Euro and multiple other big moves. All whilst never exposing more than 3% of my total capital at risk at ANY point and sharing what and how I do it with thousands of students over the last few years and massively accelerating their learning curve has been really fulfilling.


1.) Day Trading, where you spend hours per day staring at the screen placing dozens and dozens of trades per day is perhaps the most moronic thing you could do. Everything is stacked against you. It’s futile and why quit your job to Day Trade when all you’re doing is chaining yourself to another desk. This webinar explains this in depth.

2.) Get Rich Quick Schemes DO NOT EXIST. Not legal ones anyway. Anyone that promotes over 20% per year every year is just grossly misleading you. I saw an advert for a Trading Fund that returned 5% per month the other day. Pure poppycock. It’s just a churn and burn scheme that benefits the brokers, not you.

3.) You will NOT become an awesome trader after a 2 day course or online course. This is a serious skill just like becoming a Pilot or a Dentist. It takes time. You will need at least a year to become proficient and don’t expect to make a return in that first year. It’s all about getting safe and consistent on the markets.

4.) Binary Options is the new modern day scam. Stay well away from it. The Maths and stats behind it make it 100% impossible to win consistently over time. FACT.

5.) If you teach yourself how to trade. Good luck! Nearly everything you can find online is geared around ineffective Day Trading techniques and anything of good substance is most likely out of date. The market is a completely new and different beast to what it was 5 years ago.

6.) Don’t expect to turn £5k into £100k in short fashion. It’s not going to happen. Nor is making £2k per month from a sub £10k account. Making 20% per month is plain cuckoo.

7.) People are obsessed with finding the ‘Holy Grail Strategy’ that gets you in a trade at the perfect moment. THIS DOES NOT EXIST. It’s all about sound risk management, not trade entry.

8.) If you treat Trading properly, it will completely change your life both on the markets and off the markets. You will become a sharper thinking person, more decisive, a better problem solver and above all, you will have a skill for life. For as long as humans exist, there will always be a market to trade. And if you do it properly, it will always put food on your plate and a roof over your head.

I’ve focused on a lot of the negatives of Trading here today but I feel people need a reality check. This is why I’ve recorded a special webinar to dispel a lot of myths, put things straight and start you off on the right track. So jump onto it here at www.FreeTradingWebinar.com It’s simply a recording of a webinar I held and the software runs this recording every 2 hours, so sign up and pick a convenient time for yourself. In it we cover things like:

– The 4 Ugly Truths About Trading.

– The Importance of being an Investor regardless of who you are or what you do.

– How, what, when and where I trade and the pitfalls to watch out for.

Hope all of this helps somewhat and I’ll see you on the webinar!