Ask all your Trading & Investing questions in a live group coaching session with Siam Kidd – The Realistic Trader

✔️ There will be a max of 8 people in this session so it’s nice and intimate and productive.

✔️ Can only do 1 of these sessions.

✔️ It’s a perfect time to ask Siam any and all of your Trading & Investing questions!


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After you book this call, you will be emailed the Zoom link for the session. Please ensure you arrive on time as it will be a prompt midday start with no waiting around.



Watch this 54 min explainer video below. It’s very important that you watch this video so that you can understand the things being discussed in this live session.


Have a read of these books. They’re really helpful…

Download your free copy of The £15000 Pop Tart

This book will show you EVERY mistake Siam has made on the markets and you can avoid them! After all, he only got profitable after 6 hard years of stepping on these market land mines!

Download your free copy of The 21 Asset Types

Everyone seems to think that all you can invest in are Stocks & Property. There are actually 21 different main asset types out there and guess what, the most profitable ones are the assets less known about. This booklet also has Siam’s personal thoughts on each asset type…

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