Random online idiot on my Trading FB page: Traders are the scum of the earth, gambling on real workers futures.

Me: Hi Mark, so there’s is a LOT of naivety and uninformed bias within your comment. The equivalent of what you just said is like having a bad cup of coffee and then brandishing all coffee on the planet as shit. Your hatred should be redirected to the small group of Central Bankers, Investment Bankers and Politicians that acted against the interests of the public, NOT traders. However like all walks of life, there are bad eggs and there are some bad traders. However private traders like myself trade with their own money and the way I trade, when we win or lose on the markets it’s not coming from someone’s pension fund etc. When I trade, I’m just competing against other traders. That’s it. It doesn’t affect anyone else. Just like when you gamble at the horse races. When you win some money, you’re not taking away the food money for the horses are you? That would just be silly. Much like your comment. I know it’s unusual to word a reply like this, but negative opinions and comments based on zero knowledge need to be confronted and addressed. It’s comments like this that perpetuate stereotypes. Trading most likely isn’t for you. But best of luck with your endeavours.

Moral of the story? When it comes to customer service and social media:

1.) It is NOT your job to convince everyone and anyone that your product/widget is for them. So don’t bother. Haters are going to hate, so f**k em. Just tailor yourself for those that want and need you.

2.) I treat my clients and prospects like royalty. They are the lifeblood of your biz. Idiots don’t deserve that respect so to reiterate point 1, you’re not in the business of convincing!

3.) Trolls and haters used to take a LOT of my mental attention. I feared trolls and pussied around wasting time trying to please everyone. That behaviour just makes you less appealing for those that truly relate to you and again, you’ll never please an online idiot. So ignore it. The bigger your biz grows, your brand or message will reach more and more people. So the amount of haters will grow as you grow. So instead of cowering from it, embrace it and try and grow your haters list as much as possible (whilst maintaining the ratio of lovers as well of course). Even Elon Musk who is a living legend that’s carving a better future for us all has haters…so get over it.

So if this post helps just 1 biz owner, I’m glad. I wasted a good 18 months a few years ago worrying what people thought of me and the moment you ignore it all, it’s uplifting!