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The Realistic Trader Day Trading Challenge

People often tell me that it’s possible to make consistent, reliable profits day trading forex. And although I’m aware of a few day traders making a good living, I have never been able to find a good mechanical, technical system that works without massive equity swings, large drawdowns or the risk of ruin.

However, I would love to be proved wrong, so much so that I am willing to offer a prize of £50000 to anyone who can present to me such a system.


and you have a system that can meet the following criteria, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!


The system must deliver at least 200 trades per year
Needs to show at least 2 years of trading records with real money
It must be based on technical analysis and be mechanical in its set ups
Draw down must not exceed 5%
Monthly equity swings must not exceed 5%
Can be traded on Foreign Exchange currency pairs
Have a positive expectancy with a minimum Risk to Reward Ratio of 1R
Return >30% per annum
Minimum accuracy rate of 65% if the average expectancy is below 2R

So, please, please, please – if you can show me such a system, with data to back it up and clear rules on entries and exits I would be over the moon and a cheque would be coming your way!!!!

Please forward your submission to: [email protected]

Good luck, Siam.

*to avoid curve fitting, if the above rules are adhered to and such a system is presented, the prize will be awarded 3 months from submission following confirmed forward testing and monte carlo/risk of ruin simulation!

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