In this video I cover:
– Why I am personally renting.
– Why Opportunity cost is EVERYTHING!
– Why you need to consider that your money are miners.
– Why you need to be aware of Currency purchasing power decline.
– Property DOESN’T ALWAYS go up! It was flat from 1900-1965.
– Land is more important than B2Ls.
– The only reason we have had a property boom is due to exponential currency growth.
– Why you will only realise your house equity profit if you sell up and move somewhere cheaper.
– Why doubling your wealth every 10 years is pretty average.
– Why even though your house may have risen in Sterling, against other currencies like the Dollar, it hasn’t increased that much.
– Why the House Price To Earnings Ratio is WAY out of whack!
– Why now is the best time in the last 300 years to sell.
– Why SVR mortgage holders are likely to get screwed!
– Double digit rates are a real thing!
– Why I believe residential property will crash over the next few years.
– Why you need to RENT WHERE YOU LIVE, but own what you rent out.
– Why the public always do the wrong thing at the wrong time!
– Why property is a terribly expensive and illiquid asset and totally undiversified.
– Why you should definitely read the book ‘How To Own The World’ by Andy Craig.
– If you’re a landlord, you NEEEEEED to know all about Clause 24!
– Why re-allocating your house deposit into setting up a business is a better way to grow your wealth.
– Why you need to do LOTS of aggressive skill acquisitions!
– Learn about Crypto currencies!