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I was fed up with charlatans promoting get rich quick schemes and making thousands from Day 1. So I set up RT to be the most genuine and ethical financial education company out there. The reality is, this is hard work to begin with. One can’t become financially independent in a year, it’s a 5-10 year journey of constantly failing and improving, not a magic success bullet.

Who is Siam Kidd? He’s a full time Investor/Trader of both, owns 7 profitable businesses and learned how to trade simply through hard trial and error. He says, “I was probably the worst trader on the planet for the first 6 years, losing money constantly, before things became consistent. People don’t need to go through the same crap I did…”

Siam has accurately called many moves which have made his community profits, but his Personal Best to date is the 2015 Black Monday crash where he managed to make over £422k in 30 mins. In more recent times, Siam accurately called the January 2018 Bitcoin crash where he sold all of his Cryptos and then jumped back in the market at the lows thereby accumulating a far better position. He’s also a regular Keynote Speaker and was the star presenter at the US Money Show Las Vegas Event.

Siam Kidd - The Realistic Trader

Siam's Trading/Investing Track Record

2010: Forecasted QE 1, 2 and 3. Went long on indices.
2012: Forecasted + Profited from the Apple stock crash.
2014: Profited from the Bitcoin crash.
2015: Made 30% in 1 day from the Swiss Franc/Euro unpeg.
2015: Made £426k in several hours during the Black Monday crash (see proof).
2015: Made 61.29% ROI in the FCA regulated fund he was trading.
2017: Publicly traded a $25k crypto account up to $1.1m in just 4 months. But got out late in 2018 and ended up with just $350k. Doh!
2018: Grew his crypto account by over 300% despite the Crypto market experiencing a 90% crash.
2018: Called and profited from the Boxing Day rally, the biggest 1 day movement of the S&P500 in history at the time.
2020: Publicly traded an £88,500 account to £200k in 5 months.
2021: Grown his Crypto portfolio over 1200% whilst generating a strong daily cashflow from it...

Since 2013 Siam has been forecasting a vast Stock Market Crash in 2016 which would dwarf 2008. He even made a DVD titled ‘How To Profit From The Crash Of 2016′. In one speech in early 2015 he said that around October 2015 there would be the first ‘tremor’ of this coming correction… he was off by a month and a bit. That correction came in the form of Black Monday 24th August 2015 where the world Stock Markets plummeted as well as most Hedge Funds. However Siam made his investors 30% that day (£422k within a 30 minute period).

Siam featured in local media after Black Monday profits

Siam Kidd
The Realistic Trader