October 12



An old mentor once said to me something along the lines of, “????, ??????? ???? ???????, ??? ?????? ???? ?? ‘???? ?? ???? ????’ ?? ??????????? ??????, ????????? ??’?? ???? ????????.”

I totally get where he’s coming from and he’s correct. Some of my stances on things definitely have deterred prospects and lost paying clients. But sometimes life is more than just business I guess. Especially things you feel quite strongly about.

Anywho, I thought I’d shine a bit of a spotlight on how I think, how I come to my own conclusions and why I believe it’s a much more logical and methodical approach to researching things, instead of blindly believing the first thing you hear or read. Which, unfortunately, is what the masses do when blindly believing everything the BBC propagates.

?.) ???? ???????/???????? ????? – Here, I think people are SO myopic and biased towards/away from the source of new information. Especially if it’s data that contradicts your belief system. People will instantly dismiss the data if it’s from a source they deem unsuitable. The negative consequence of this is that you will end up entrenching yourself in a deep echo-chamber of research bias and will find it excruciatingly hard to ever pivot your opinion on something…unless your trusted source eventually pivots.

?????????? is data and you have to treat it as raw data. So you take the data, analyse it, dig into it and then eventually verify it or debunk it. ?????????? ?? ??? ??????. If a lizard-people-believing-flat-earther said that 1 + 1 = 2, it doesn’t mean he/she is wrong. Despite the dubious source.

You’ll learn a LOT more about things more accurately thinking this way instead of letting your cognitive biases hide you from some truths. Also, by approaching things this way, you’ll most likely get a whiff of something incoming from the periphery before the masses do which will then give you an informational ‘edge’. What you do with that is up to you of course. Personally, I use my informational edge for the benefit of my trading, investing and businesses.

For example, a data source entrenched taxi driver will have no idea that his/her job is about to disappear within the next 5-15 years. Most likely sooner rather than later. However, if he/she was active and open minded about research in their field, they would probably be aware of Level 5 autonomy being an inevitability. Most likely quicker for lorry drivers.

?.) ???????? – ??’? ?????????? ?????????? ???? ??? ????????? ??????????? ??? ????-??? ???? ????? ??? ???? ???? ????????/???????. Most data is like a perishable ice cube. It gets weaker/less relevant over time. So you may have formed the correct conclusion at one snapshot in time, but the world is fluid and therefore your old data and old opinions could actually end up being incorrect or at the worst, hurting you. This is why it’s essential you ensure you ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself’ when it comes to extremely touchy subjects like ConVID.

Now you may read or watch an ‘opinion piece’ from someone else and think that it’s useless to you and that there’s no valid data for you. But you’d be wrong. Even when digesting what you believe to be wrong information from a totally untrustworthy source, there’s mountains of data you can glean from it. It will most likely give you dozens of rabbit holes of research to dig into and you can then verify/dismiss each rabbit hole. But ultimately, you will then understand WHY this person is saying the things he/she is saying and WHERE they are getting their news sources. Sometimes, understanding someone else’s ‘Gap of Misunderstanding’ can prove to be invaluable to you!

Anywho, I found this a fascinating watch which spurred dozens of rabbit holes! Definitely worth watching regardless of stance!

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