Most People Are Wrong About Trading…

With a 99.9% student retention, you can be assured that you’ll learn effective tried & tested methods for growing your money that actually work…

Investing in your mind will always give you the best Return On Investment…

We Believe That Wanting More Money Does Not Make You Greedy…

It means you want a better education for your children. A nicer home for your family. More time to spend doing what you love…with who you love.

If you carry on doing what you are doing NOW…how will you get there? If you believe that you will never be better off financially than you are now, then the chances are, you won’t.

But if you are the type of person that knows in your heart that you can and downright should be wealthy…then what are you doing to make that happen?

Online Trading Course – Video 1

My Name’s Siam.
In 2011 My Wife And I Were Penniless…

One night we both sat down and cried because we couldn’t pay the bills. It was the lowest point of my life. I made a promise to both of us right then and there that we would never be in that situation again.

Now 4 years later we are financially independent and living in a house we thought it would take us 20 years to afford. We have an Aston parked outside and the time and money to take the holidays we always dreamed of.

How did I do it?

I Taught Myself A LIFE SKILL…..

Online Trading Course – Video 2

One that would make sure I never had to watch my wife cry over the bills again.

I made a small five minute change to EVERYDAY that over time transformed our whole lives. We believe that everyone should be developing a 5 minute a day Life Skill that helps them grow their income each month.

There are many ways to do it, I chose Trading, Investing and Business.

Through The Realistic Trader, we strongly feel that we can help as many people as possible to help themselves into financial independence which in turn will spark a domino effect so those around them will also benefit.

“If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Always Get What You’ve Always Got”

So What Are You Doing Differently To Get What You’ve Always Wanted To Get?

Teach Yourself A New Skill-Set & Life Skill

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  • The RT Portal. This is a private membership portal which houses the Online Course and a whole bunch of other resources and videos.
  • Private Facebook Trading Group. Socialise with other Realistic Traders and have your questions answered by the ever helpful community and team.
  • Weekly Chart Updates. Alex shares his thoughts on the markets every week.
  • Siam Trade Analysis. Every week Alex will go through all of the trades I’ve placed, what happened to them, what’s likely to happen.
  • Siam Selfies. These are weekly casual yet informative videos Siam puts out on new and pertinent topics.
  • Monday Trading Clinics. Our weekly Q&A video to have your questions answered.
  • Trade Set Ups. Live trade set up alerts and video explanations whenever I place a trade in real time.
  • Monthly Webinars. Our top trader Alex Upton will share his thoughts on a different topic every month in a live webinar.
  • Quarterly Specials for only £99. These are our big events where lots of members attend to hear more content from me and some cracking guest speakers. Followed by a social event/activity.
  • The RT Christmas Party for just £49 per head. These are just awesome…

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Really Important Notes Before You Begin This Journey:

  • Trading isn’t for everyone. It takes an average of 12 months to become proficient and consistent so don’t even think about making profits or making your investment back in your first year. This is your incubation phase. But once you’re proficient your life will change.
  • Do NOT go into debt to do this course. If you can’t afford it yet, then now isn’t the right time for you. Trading whilst your back is against the wall is not a good thing to do. You’ll ignore my rules, hurry your learning and make silly mistakes.
  • Most of our clients are typically small business owners or professionals earning anything upwards from £30k per year. It’s best to start trading when you have around £5k of funds that you’re willing to invest in yourself. That way you can do the course, have a whole year of hand holding and a small live account whilst you learn the ropes.
  • If you’re interested in trading because you’re looking to get rich quick and turn your £5k into £50k+ within a year or two, trading definitely isn’t for you! And I definitely can’t help you. I only want people who are serious about bettering their financial future who will let me guide them for at least a year and won’t treat this like a casino!
  • If this all makes perfect sense to you, and you have a positive mindset then great! Come on aboard, you’ll absolutely love it and our strong community we have here!

“Hi Siam, hope you are well… Thank you so much for the online course, it’s outstanding! I’m absolutely amazed at the financial information that you have provided. You’ve really opened my eyes up to how the financial system really works. The course content is well worth spending time on. You make everything so easy to understand and follow. I thought the whole trading system would be difficult to comprehend but wow you’ve made it so straightforward! I actually believe I can have a go at this myself now whereas if I hadn’t done this course I would never have attempted it. The Lambo strategy is brilliant! I get excited every time it see it on the chart! Lol! I can’t wait to give it a go and see what happens… My dummy account is all set up and ready to go… Many thanks to you again for sharing your valuable knowledge…“