Trading & Investing can be a rather daunting topic for the uninitiated. Often people have the same questions, so we’ve put together a few videos where Siam addresses these himself. We hope this helps!

If you're so good at trading, why do you bother to teach?

Ahh, an age old classic! In the past I refused to teach for years , but the 3 reasons I now do it now are:

i.) Trading is a really lonely endeavour and you can find yourself separated from the world and becoming a recluse in some cases. Close friends and family tend to switch off whenever I talk about the markets, so I decided to create a vibrant community of positive like-minded people, and it is also an opportunity to make sure that my trading knowledge is up to date and fresh in mind which actually keeps my personal trading disciplined and accurate. Also, I get inundated with requests to teach people on a daily basis, and our mission is to bring as many people into financial independence as possible, so why not?

ii.) Many have heard of the saying, “Those that can, do, and those who can’t, teach” and this saying may well apply for other industries/activities but try saying that to a Fighter Pilot Instructor, or a teaching Doctor? Hopefully you can see, this isn’t always the case. I am a full time trader, so I do walk the walk but my trading only takes me 2-5 minutes a day and most of it is monitoring your trades. Plus I hold workshops over the odd weekend when the markets are closed. I’m also one of the few people that actually put their money where their mouth is as I text out my trades to my students the moment I place them (which made everyone 105% from 2014-2015) and I also run my own Fund which delivered 61% in its opening year in 2015. 30% of that was during Black Monday when most other funds were down double digits or going bust. These are definitely not things that a ‘marketer’ or ‘pretender’ would do! My reputation is derived from my results.

iii.) Believe it or not, I actually like giving. I give a fair bit to charity already and I get more fulfillment from when I help someone make or save a truckload of profit than when I bag a decent trade. Plus those that you do successfully help will always speak highly of you and I want to be around in the investment sphere for decades to come. Plus I’m already seeing profits being made by my students and it’s great! One of my favourite days of each month are the RT Dinners!

iv.) I’m one of the rare trading mentors that actually puts their money where their mouth is. I do this in the form of a type of fund so my performance every month is totally transparent. I’ve also been predicting a big market crash in 2015/2016 and things are starting to align. On the recent Black Monday I made £420k in about 30 minutes…

The Realistic Trader Scam?

What is Gold Membership/Do You Actually Give Out £1000 Per Month to the Trader of the Month?

Will I Be Able to Start Trading Straight Away? / How Much Money Do I Need to Start?

How Long does the Online Course Take? / Is the Online Course Live or Interactive? / How Much Is it? / What Software Do You Use?

Will I Receive a Form of Certification at the End of the Course? / Do I Need Any Experience at all Prior to Attending the Course?

I Don’t Think I Have Time to Trade… / How is the Way You Trade Completely Tax Free?

Is My Money Protected by the FSCS? / Which Currencies do you Teach? / I’m Not Very Clever and Rubbish at Maths Though…

Isn’t Trading Just Gambling and Really Risky?

Isn’t Trading Unregulated?

How will this fit around my normal work/private life?

96% of traders fail because they get sucked into the attractive black hole of Day Trading.

This is where you need to be glued to the screens all day and place multiple trades daily. Although I day trade now and then (normally when I want to buy a new toy) but this is something you should stay well away from. There are an extremely limited amount of successful full time day traders out there. So the way that you will learn to trade is Realistic Trading where you’ll spend about 20 mins on a Sunday/Monday and then less than 5 mins of trading per day for the rest of the week.

No matter how busy you think you are, you will easily be able to apply Realistic Trading into your life…

What equipment will I need after this course in order to trade?

Believe it or not, just a laptop or PC. You don’t need an array of fancy screens or super sophisticated software or signalling services. Most of the time when courses insist that you need all of this is so they can make a commission for promoting it. You really don’t need it. You should never pay for software!

You can be very successful with the free standard trading platform software which you will train on during the course.

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